Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Boldness Looks Like

It's the mid-point of our month-long boldness initiative, and time for a moment of reflection.

Take a pencil and paper, and write down 5 things you've done this month that were BOLD.

I did this exercise recently with a friend, and she sat there, tapping her pencil on the table a few minutes before putting it down and pushing the paper away.

"Nothing!" she said. "I haven't done anything bold. I'm still just spinning my wheels."

"Dig deeper," I said. "Maybe you just don't realize what boldness really looks like."

This lady had taken major steps towards living the authentic life she really wanted. For years, she had rarely went out, although she longed to have more friends. But she'd attended a social gathering that week and even asked someone she'd met there to have coffee later. She'd inquired about taking a summer workshop on a subject she'd always been interested in. She'd gotten up early each morning to write in her journal. She'd began collecting pictures from magazines to use in a future vision collage. She'd worn a colorful outfit to work instead of her usual black and tan seperates. She'd even bought and worn a pair of heels instead of her sensible flats, and added dabbing on a tiny bit of make-up to her usual morning routine.

And yet, she didn't think she'd done anything bold. But sometimes, just being bold enough ask someone to coffee can change our lives.

Recognizing our small steps paves the way for the confidence we need to take big steps. One of the primary reasons for starting this blog back on April 2 was to encourage and inspire others. If you've been inspired to take small (or big) steps towards living a more bold, intentional life, please share your story here in a comment or via email at .

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