Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recognizing Divine Timing

Since I began The Boldness Initiative blog on April 2, I've been seeing the word BOLD everywhere, often in the most unexpected places, and it's made me think about divine timing, how it's always at work in our lives.

We tend to overlook this force because, well, we're just impatient. Many times, we even try to push things into being because we want them to happen so badly. And since we live in a society that moves at the speed of light, we sometimes confuse boldness with recklessness in an attempt to have what we want the minute it occured to us that we wanted it.

While being bold can involve direct and immediate action, it doesn't mean impetously diving into something all at once. Many times, just voicing an authentic desire through journaling or chatting about it with a friend can be enough to propel us on a life-changing path, even if we don't take another step for weeks. Voicing desire is a first step towards gaining awareness of what it is we truly want, and when we are aware, we pay attention. We start to notice how things are coming together in mysterious - even unbelievable - ways to show us we are on the right path.

If we're hoping to travel, for example, we might start to see images in books, magazines, or on television of the place we long to visit. Perhaps we randomly meet someone who lived there and can teach us the language skills we need to know for traveling, and we begin to realize that soon, it will be time to be bold and actually plan the trip.

Or perhaps we just decide one day to stop being invisible and we shed all the dull, nuetral-colored blouses from our wardrobe. Then, a few weeks later, we come across a fabulous sale on racy spring tops in bright, crazy colors, and we know this is the right moment to be boldly visible again.

Divine timing operates on a pace that's all it's own. Sadly, many people can't recognize this force when it is at work in thier lives. They miss the subtle signs under thier noses as well as the ones that scream out loud from the sidelines. When doors begin opening, they write it off as mere coincidence, giving no real value at all to the magic taking place in thier lives. They are so busy trying to control how it should happen, or fearing that it won't happen, that they can't even realize it is happening.

When we're bold enough to release ourselves from those twin devils fear and control, we become increasingly aware of divine timing, that it is always at work in our lives. If we pay attention, we'll recognize the signs that we're on the right path, and we'll know when the moment is right to take a direct, immediate action, whether it's buying a plane ticket, or just a bright orange blouse.

And we'll be ready.

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