Thursday, April 14, 2011

Being Spontaneous

Last Saturday, I went to the local outdoor market to pick up some produce and maybe a plant or two. I came home with a 9-week-old German Shephard-Lab mix puppy.

I had no idea when I left the house that morning I'd be taking on the responsibility of a puppy within the hour. I had not even considered getting a dog, not really...but sometimes, the best decisions we make for ourselves happen in spontaneous moments like this when we act on instinct and operate from the heart, not the head.

While some choices we make do require careful thought and consideration, being spontaneous can open doors for us that we didn't even know we wanted to walk through. It requires not only being bold, but being bold enough to trust in one's instincts and not overthink the outcome of every decision. It requires complete release from any sense of those twin devils, fear and control, which hold us back from living in a bold, intentional way. And often, it's the spontaneous choices we make that bring the most happiness and positive change into our lives.

Are you bold enough to be a little spontaneous today?

Painting: She Walks Two Worlds, by Amy L. Alley

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  1. A puppy! What better way to learn about the delicate dance of being spontaneous and bold and being commited and responsible. What a delight! I would say you have said YES to joy and are brave enought to act. In my opinion, too many people over-think their choices and miss wonderful opportunties to continue to grow and learn and to bring more joy into their lives. Kudos, friend! <3 Maybe we can "do" the dog park one day! 8-)