Monday, April 18, 2011

Healthy Chaos

I once read somewhere that chaos is actually a higher intellectual form of order.

Gosh, I hope that's true.

As I write this now, my son is awake, has adorned himself with clothing from his costume chest, and has let the dog out to play. The television is on and the laundry basket has been overturned. Easter craft project supplies are spread out on my bedroom floor, red glitter shining in the light. The phone has already started ringing, and it's not quite 7 am.

Most mornings I arise by 5 in order to have a couple of hours peace and quiet, because that's all I'm usually going to get. Today, however, I decided to sleep in a little...and I awoke to this scenario instead. But that's okay. Every happy home, every content family has thier little healthy doses of chaos. Only plastic people in magazine spreads have calm, white-on-beige lives with children who never hold up a homemade sword and shout 'For Narnia!' or run through the house with a barking puppy nipping at thier cape.

What defines chaos will differ from person to person, depending on one's comfort level with distractions and ability to multi-task. It isn't the same as unhealthy drama or univited disasters, no. Chaos is more of something that we bring into our own lives in an effort to, believe it or not, make them richer, fuller, and more extraordinary...because it can be quite difficult to live in a bold, intentional way and maintain that plastic, white-on-beige magazine-spread existence. While it may be classy and elegant to look at, here's one thing it rarely is, especially for children: FUN.

Because of the happy chaos that is enveloping around me now, I need to end this post. But just remember, to be bold might mean having a little more healthy chaos into your life than what you're used to.

It might be might feel crazy at times...but it can be so much fun...

Painting: Amidst Chaos, by Amy L. Alley

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  1. You know, the word chaos has taken on negative conotaions, but in reality, it is the void that is chaos from which new ideas, creations, art arise. When there is too much structure or strigent order, it may reflect a sense of fear or even the need to control. Someone once said that life is like a ball - it is designed to be played with...don't hold onto the ball. On this fine Monday morning I am ready to don my own cape and dash through the chaos of my disordered but happy home and yell "On Narnia!" while my pound-pup dashes along behind me, tail-wagging and barking all the way! (The Narnia series have been on my favorite book list since the early 1960's!)
    Across Town Sippin' Coffee & Smilin'