Monday, April 11, 2011

Envisioning Change

I first came across the term 'vision collage' years ago when watching The Secret, a life-changing movie about the much-disputed law of attraction. But I did not create my first vision collage until a few months ago, when I wanted to make a piece of art that reflected the positive changes and healing I hoped to bring about in my life. I invited my six year old son to assist me, and we had a grand time.

What is a vision collage? In a nutshell, it is a very personal art form that anyone with a stack of old magazines and a bottle of glue can create. One simply blends together words and images that represent the things they desire to attract into thier lives.

Some people use vision collages as meditation tools, placing them out of sight much of the time, considering them as private as a diary. Others display their vision collages prominantly in the home, where they can pass by them several times a day, taking brief moments to reflect on key words or images.

To make a vision collage can be an interesting journey of self-discovery, whether done alone or in a small group setting. In larger cities, vision collage workshops are fairly common events. Parents can create vision collages with thier children, as I did with my own son, representing goals that they hope to accomplish together as a family and including images that they consider to be positive and joyful.

Making a vision collage is a wonderful adventure for anyone desiring to live in a bold, intentional way, because as we search for words and images, we are developing an awareness of what it is we are really seeking. Not only do the finished collages serve as a visual reminders of what it is we want, but the creative process involved can be transformative.

It's a small first step...but like many small steps, it can lead to great changes. So grab your old magazines, a canvas (or piece of cardboard), a brush, and some glue, and see where the journey takes you.

Anyone living in the Greenwood area who is interested in attending a vision collage workshop please drop me a line at .

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