Friday, February 15, 2013

Follow Your Name by Kedar Brown

Pay attention!

Be careful not to distract yourself from yourself by focusing on the obstacles in your life.

Focus on the delivery of your medicine, not on the story in your head where your recount your limitations and loss.

Do not indulge in such self-importance as a way to avoid taking responsibility for your medicine and the gift of healing you came here to offer.

You are the heroes or heroines of your story.

If you do not know the mythology of your own life you will likely be living an existence that is not entirely your own.

The amount of turmoil in your life is proportional to the degree that you are not aligned with your medicine.

 The life you know you must live is the one standing just a few paces in front of you… waiting for you to remember.

Apprentice yourself to yourself and move to the frontier of you own imagination.

Do not appear in the world in such a way that others give you a name that is too small for you.

- passage by Kedar Brown, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CHT. Brown is Founder and Director of Rites Of Passage Council, Inc and Program Manager and Therapist for Phoenix Outdoors, which is part of SUWS of the Carolinas in Old Fort, NC. He will be facilitating an Adolescent Rites of Passage event in Columbia, SC on February 22, 2013. For more information visit

Painting by Amy L. Alley, Awi' Usdi, Little Deer of the Cherokee.

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